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Build Emotional Resilience

Boost Self-Confidence

Know You’re Doing It Right

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What Happens If Your Child Doesn’t Learn to Manage Their Emotions and Develop Resilience in an Increasingly Complex and Challenging World?

They …
  • Lose self-confidence and struggle with social problems.
  • Are more likely to drop out of school and fall behind others in career and life.
  • Are at significant risk of being involved with the juvenile justice system.
  • Fail to thrive and live up to their full potential.

The Building Resilient Kids Online Programs and Resources

Will empower you to:

Foster your child’s emotional intelligence and resilience so they can effectively handle disappointment, rejection from others and be more empathetic.

Cultivate your child’s self-confidence so they are better equipped to deal with peer pressure, perfectionism and handle complex social situations.

Better prepare your child for an increasingly complex future and set them on the path for success in school, work, and life.

Meet Kari Sutton

CEO and Founder of Building Resilient Kids

Welcome! I’m Kari Sutton, for the past two decades, I’ve had the privilege of helping raise my nephew Mitchell after my beloved sister-in-law passed away from ovarian cancer. I was presented with this opportunity when my brother reached out for support after they had been through their own personal firestorm. As a family, we’ve experienced many of the same problems and concerns raising him as every other parent has and I often felt exhausted, frustrated and stressed about how I could prepare him for an uncertain future. I used the tools and strategies I learned through my positive psychology studies to begin building his emotional intelligence and resilience so that he would be able to tackle anything else life threw his way. I have also tested these ideas with thousands of other children and families, which brought me to my work today.

I specialize in helping proactive parents just like you raise emotionally intelligent kids who are confident, caring, kind and resilient. I provide you with the tools and strategies that you can teach your child so that they will be prepared to adapt and cope with our ever-changing world. Over the course of my 30 years as an educator, guidance counsellor, consultant, author, and speaker, I have helped over 25,000 parents and educators providing them with evidence-based strategies, tools and mindsets to foster children’s positive mental health and plant the seeds of resilience, and emotional wellbeing for future generations.

I’ve had the good fortune to live and work in Australia, Japan, and the United States and am on a mission to change the conversation about how we promote and protect our children’s mental health and wellbeing.

I look forward to the prospect of helping you to give your child the gift of good mental health!

What Makes Building Resilient Kids Different from Other Online Parenting Courses?

“Robust scientific evidence shows that mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders can be prevented before they begin.”

– Dr. William Beardslee, Gardner Monks Professor of Child Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

Parents like you want to raise kind, capable, strong, well-balanced, resilient kids who will succeed in life but often struggle with making that a reality due to the immense pressures of the fast-paced society we live in. In addition, research indicates that there is a ‘new morbidity’ occurring, with mental health conditions, self-harm and suicide taking centre stage. Many parents are desperate for guidance about the best way they can help their kids develop into well-adjusted young people who have a zest for life and are equipped to withstand the stressors inherent in our ever changing world.

Kari Sutton addresses this problem head-on: she presents proactive parents with exceptional educational resources and online programs that enable them to be their child’s guide to mastering emotional intelligence and building self-confidence so they are better equipped to deal with peer pressure, can confidently face challenges and get ahead in school, work, and life.

Her Elite Student Coach program is designed specifically for concerned, proactive parents who want to give their children the gift of good mental health.